Alternate System For Cooling, Cleaning And Lubricating

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Available from Cool Clean Technologies, the CoolTool provides selective cooling, cleaning and lubrication for machining processes. The system uses Advanced Minimum Quantity Cooling Lubrication (AMQCL) technology, which uses a stream of carbon dioxide as a coolant and lubricant base stock. A small amount of virtually any lubricant additive can be introduced into the coolant stream with a propellant gas to form a composite spray. A custom Coanda spray nozzle and electrostatic charging technology are used to blend and deliver a cooling, lubricating spray that penetrates and sticks to machined surfaces, the company says. Dual spray applicators can form various combinations of cooling, cleaning and lubricating spray patterns on a workpiece or tool. Users can adjust spray compositions from wet to dry and temperatures from cool to near-cryogenic. The system’s spray generator features a pressure regulator, a coolant primer switch, a lubricant flow regulator, a liquid CO2 inlet and dry compressed air inlet ports. In addition to the Coanda spray nozzles, the machine’s dual coaxial delivery lines have magnetic mounting bases and flexible nozzle tubes. The lubricant system has a reservoir with liquid capacity of 350 ml, an oil-level sight gage on the front panel, a flow-control regulator and rear-mounted fill and drain ports.

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