Automated Drill Sharpener Monitors Sharpening Process for Maintenance Issues

Darex LLC’s XT-3000 auto sharpener completely automates the drill sharpening function of the already versatile XT-3000 sharpener.

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Darex LLC’s XT-3000 auto sharpener automates the drill sharpening function of the XT-3000 sharpener to enable faster and more consistent sharpening of a variety of drills. The XT sharpens, countersinks, brad points, left-hand drills and more. The auto sharpener enables the user to align the drill, push the start button and allow the auto sharpening feature to regrind the bit to specs within ANSI standards. Every person in a shop can achieve sharp results every time, no special setups required, the company says. It is designed to sharpen drill sizes ranging from 3 to 21 mm.

The auto sharpener monitors the sharpening process and provides the number of completed sharpenings to measure productivity and alert the user to maintenance issues.


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