Automatic Pallet Change In Seconds

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Available from Midaco, the Automatic Flexible pallet system is designed to increase the productivity of five-axis VMCs and 400-mm HMCs. Adaptable to new or existing machines, the system allows unattended, automatic pallet exchange in seconds, the company says. Because of the system's modular design, it can be retrofitted to virtually any machine, including those with built-in trunion-type tables. The standard system includes four pallet stations; one rotating pallet setup station; a linear-guided automated pallet delivery system; a touchscreen system controller; and four 20" diameter cast iron or aluminum pallets. The company’s custom pallet “receiver” uses a mechanical clamping system that does not require air, power or hydraulic lines. Accuracy is ±0.0001" (±0.0025 mm), and pallet clamping force is 21,060 lbs (9,477 kg).

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