Band Saw Blades Reduce Change-Overs

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The BroadBand A8 Bi-Metal band saw blades are designed to cover a variety of cutting applications and workpiece materials to reduce the number of blade-type change-overs by operators. The BlockBuster M42 band saw blades are designed for high-production cutting applications where cut accuracy and blade life are the most critical factors. These blades can cut through carbon, chrome, tool, die and stainless steels as well as titanium and other alloys, the company says. Triple Chip carbide blades are suited for cutting applications requiring smooth finishes and high production rates found in production cutting operations, steel service centers, aerospace applications and forging houses. The company's Sine-Wave technology incorporates a series of "ramps" on the back edge of band saw blades, which allows band saw machines to exert more force into a cut without increasing machine pressure. According to the company, the technology provides an aggressive broaching action in the cut, enhancing cutting ability, reducing work time and increasing blade life.

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