Bandsaw for Cutting of Aluminum

The HBM 540A/ALU bandsaw is designed to cut aluminum profiles and solids with bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades.

New Product From: 6/28/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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The HBM 540A/ALU bandsaw is designed to cut aluminum profiles and solids with bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades. Constructed with a cast iron bow frame that travels on three sets of vertical linear ways and guides, the bandsaw can cut rounds as large as 21.2" in diameter and rectangular shapes as high as 24.8" and as wide as 21.2". Its frequency-controlled, 29.5-hp main drive motor has a speed range between 984 to 4,264 sfpm, so the bandsaw is suitable for cutting aluminum in high production applications. The bandsaw has a double chip conveyor to remove a high volume of chips. The sawing cell in the bandsaw is completely enclosed to protect the operator’s safety and to keep chips and coolant inside the machine. Large doors provide access to the area for cleaning and maintenance.
The bandsaw requires little operator intervention because it is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and features an operator’s terminal with diagnostic display, data entry and program storage, the company says. The speed is set, controlled and monitored before and during the cutting process. The bandsaw is equipped with an electric ballscrew to position material during the cut and eliminate backlash following the cut, the company says. The feed gripper is designed to grip and hold material with variable hydraulic clamping pressure, enabling operators to “fine-tune” the grip on workpieces that are easily damaged such as tubing or soft material.
The machine can feed material as long as 19.6" with a single stroke and material as long as 14.76’ with multiple strokes. The bandsaw’s floating gripper feed unit helps prevent damage when feeding bars or extrusions. “Light barriers” transmit out-of-material warnings when bar or material end is reached.

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