Bar Puller Kit For Gang Tool CNC Lathes

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A new bar puller kit has been designed for gang-tool-style CNC lathes. Because of the limited space between tool holders on gang tool plates, interference between tool shanks can result in the loss of one or two tool positions. The new bar pull kit accommodates the company’s shanks that require a minimum amount of lateral space (5/8" shank diameter, 0.84" shoulder diameter).

The bar pull kit includes 10 grippers for bar stock diameters from 3/16" to 3/4" (in 1/16" increments). These grippers mount directly to the 5/8" diameter bar puller shank. According to the company, the lightweight and self-activating bar pull has no moving parts, mounts in 60 seconds with gripper change in about 30 seconds, and does not interfere with other tools. The bar puller requires only 1/4" of bar stock engagement and pull-positions the bar stock to within 0.001".


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