Bi-Metal Blade Geometry for Faster Cutting

Simonds International will display the SineWave bi-metal blade geometry at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 8/22/2012 Modern Machine Shop

Simonds International’s SineWave bi-metal blade geometry is said to reduce cost per cut and maximize cutting performance in tough metal applications. SineWave technology uses a rocking motion that forces each blade tooth to penetrate the work. The blades are said to grow in width, creating a self-feeding action that reduces cut times on tough applications, including tool steel and stainless grades as well as many aerospace alloys.

According to the company, the design reduces the risk of cutting errors such as crooked cuts, pinching, cut finish and machine repair. The technology also increases cut speed and blade life. Heat production is reduced during the cut process, decreasing fluid usage. Cut chips can be recycled immediately without mixing with abrasive particles.


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