CAD Software Upgrade Features JT Data Format

Solid Edge Version 19 is the latest update of UGS' CAD software for small and mid-sized manufacturers. The product features a variety of enhancements designed to compliment new tools for motion simulation, as well as assembly and disassembly videos, 3D design annotation and visual collaboration tools that use the open JT data format.


Developed to define relationships between different motion drives such as gears and pulleys, a the software features full motion simulation to demonstrate how products function in real time. It also features enhanced tools for capturing and animating how parts are assembled and disassembled, allowing users to create videos for technical manuals and training materials. To enable anyone in the supply chain to exchange 3D data regardless of the CAD system used to create the file, the software uses the JT standard file format for sharing parts and assemblies.


The new version also has the functionality needed to produce 3D-annotated designs that reduce the need for drawings, the company says. Other features include corner stiffeners, cross breaks and hems, as well as coordination features that ensure NC programming process occur parallel with product and tool design. 

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