CAD/CAM Software Package For Dental Work

Geomagic’s Piano software is a modular dental CAD/CAM software package that reconstructs scan data of teeth, maxillary and mandibular arches, and jaw structure to facilitate design work ranging from custom implant abutments to crowns and bridges. Built on the company’s open Agile Development Platform, the software is designed for easy customization and integration into dental equipment manufacturers’ applications.


According to the company, the software provides interoperability with all types of input imaging devices, including intra-oral scanners, CBCTs and desktop scanners, as well as a range of output devices such as CAM software, CNC milling equipment and rapid prototyping machines. Options include integration of the standard suite of Geomagic software modules; creation of custom add-ons that extend the standard suite; and development of custom applications built to a particular manufacturer’s specifications.