CAM Application Platform With New Features, Plug-Ins

MecSoft offers VisualCAM 1.0, a platform for hosting CAM applications, as well as two fully integrated plug-ins, VisualMill 6.0 and VisualArt 1.0. VisualCAM 1.0 will serve as the base platform for all future company products using plug-in architecture for on-demand loading of file translators and applications. The software also includes new CAD features such as solid modeling and dimensioning. In addition, a published Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to enable easy creation of third-party plug-in applications.


The latest version of the VisualMill software features new machining methods as well as faster and more streamlined interaction, the company says. VisualArt 6.0 offers the ability to transform any 2D image into a sculptured native VisualCAM mesh geometry. This geometry can then be used or manipulated with the software’s modeling tools to create complex designs with little effort, the company says.

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