CAM for SolidWorks Xpress Offered for Entry Level Users

Delcam offers a free version of its Gold-Certified Delcam for SolidWorks integrated CAM system for SolidWorks.

New Product From: 7/9/2013 Production Machining

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Delcam offers a free version of its Gold-Certified Delcam for SolidWorks integrated CAM system for SolidWorks. Delcam for SolidWorks Xpress provides the 2D milling and drilling functionality available in Delcam for SolidWorks. 

Delcam for SolidWorks XPRESS is intended mainly as an introductory level program for users that are new to computer-aided machining. However, it will also be useful for companies, such as design studios, that only need to program simpler CNC machines or those that wish to experiment with 2D  machining before investing in a full 3D software package.

Users will be able to generate NC code for feature-rich 2D parts quickly and easily with the “feature-from-feature” technology inside Delcam for SolidWorks. The software is, of course, fully compatible with the latest version of SolidWorks.

The software is fully integrated into the SolidWorks environment, in exactly the same way as the Delcam for SolidWorks software, so that the program looks and behaves like SolidWorks. It offers the same full associativity with SolidWorks so that any changes in the CAD model are reflected automatically in the toolpaths.

The Xpress version provides the same high level of automation as the full program. The software automatically selects the appropriate tooling for the project, allocates the appropriate feeds and speeds to all the toolpaths, and orders the various roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations into the most efficient sequence.

The drilling options cover all hole types, including tapped holes, and support drilling cycles with sub-programs for the standard controls.

Full 3D simulation of all toolpaths can be undertaken with comprehensive gouge detection to check the programs before they are sent to the machine. Time estimates can also be made to compare the results using different strategies.

The software is supplied with a basic set of post-processors for typical controllers, and functionality is provided so more experienced users can tweak the standard posts to match their machine tool controls.

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