CAM Software Accelerates Toolpath Generation

Vero’s Edgecam 2014 R2 software features enhancements to Edgecam Workflow as well as other improvements for increased productivity and flexibility.

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Vero’s Edgecam 2014 R2 software features enhancements to Edgecam Workflow as well as other improvements for increased productivity and flexibility. Edgecam Workflow is designed to reduce costs, improve quality and achieve shorter lead times by accelerating toolpath generation. The software assists loading and positioning workpieces as well as choosing manufacturing methods and suitable machine tools. The CAM software also enables addition of user-defined or database stock, fixture import, machine and toolkit selection, and automation strategy management. It automatically makes or suggests decisions at each stage of the process, while also enabling user override for greater flexibility. Besides shortening programming time, the software is said to offer a reduced learning curve because of its simple operation.

The Edgecam Workflow Solids (EWS) feature creates simple, CAM-ready 3D solid models with modeling functions such as "extrude," "revolve" and "blend" supported by parametric sketching. A feature wizard speeds creation of specific hole types, and an interactive storyboard eases remodeling and editing by selecting the process to be edited and reapplying changes. Another interactive feature for construction plane (CPL) creation enables CPL markers to be dragged onto a face, vertices or an edge, automatically snapping and orientating as necessary. Dragging the marker over the model generates alignment and location options to simplify finding the preferred origin.

Other improvements in Edgecam 2014 R2 include the capability to convert 2D legacy design data automatically into a 3D model by selecting the views and tracing the part outline. The CAM software also integrates Sandvik's Adveon tool library for access to accurate geometrical information. Users can build their own tooling databases with access to 3D CAD models for accurate simulation and visualization. In addition, an interface loads .dad files from Mazatrol controls and stores tooling data instantly in Edgecam's Toolstore, ensuring that the software's tool selection reflects only those that are available on the particular machine, reducing setup downtime. Jobs can be viewed on portable devices via Internet browsers for searching, reviewing and printing. 

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