CAM Software Delivers Faster Punching Times

The latest release of JetCAM Expert punching and profiling software, version 16, features enhanced automation capabilities, including Remote Control Processing (RCP). When the CAM system is supplied with a list of assemblies or components from an external application, such as an MRP system, it automatically tools, nests and generates NC code for the required number of parts.


In addition to RCP, the software includes benefits for punching users. Sequencing has been further optimized to deliver faster punching times. According to the company, common-line punching can be intelligently and automatically applied to parts to save material and further reduce punching times. Remnant nesting allows the user to build a database of partly used sheets, which are then automatically selected when a suitable nest is available. Automatic tooling also includes a teach mode, with which the software learns user preferences and selects future tooling based on previous experience.

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