CAM Software Enables Programming Multiple Workpieces

NX CAM 9 from Siemens PLM Software features updates said to improve manufacturing efficiency.

New Product From: 2/13/2014 Production Machining

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NX CAM 9 from Siemens PLM Software features updates said to improve manufacturing efficiency. High-volume jobs can be delivered more efficiently by providing the programmer with the context of the machining setup, the company says. Integrated CAD with assembly modeling tools in the CAM system are used to position fixtures and workpieces onto a tombstone or other types of fixtures.

A new multiple-workpiece programming capability helps distribute tool paths from the parent workpiece to other parts in the setup. Tool paths are kept associative, so changes are automatically updated on the dependent workpieces. Complete jobs with multiple similar or identical parts can be programmed in almost the same amount of time it takes to program a single part, the company says.

Feature recognition can be applied to parts with many holes through an automated process that recognizes, filters and groups features by dimensions and accessibility. The drilling process can be manually specified or a predefined machining sequence can be automatically defined. Holes sharing the same attribute values are cut together, and uncut holes are prevented.

The program also features improvements to automate setups and maintain process control for prismatic parts, as well as upgrades for turning, four-axis cylindrical milling, groove milling and on-machine probing.

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