CAM Software Integration Eases Complex Swiss-Type Work

Mastercam Swiss CAM software now extends its capabilities to Tornos machines.

Mastercam Swiss CAM software now extends its capabilities to Tornos machines. Tornos customers using the company’s TISIS with ISO programming functions can now make use of Mastercam Swiss CAM to speed up programming on Tornos’ line of machine tools.

New features in Mastercam Swiss for Tornos are designed ease complex machining processes on Swiss-type lathes, according to Mastercam. A strong integration between TISIS and Mastercam Swiss is said to provide a fast and efficient way to machine complex geometries.

Operators of Swiss-type lathes using the new version of this software can execute several operations simultaneously. The software primarily focuses on the management of parallel operations, such as turning and milling, as well as offering machine simulation in 3D. Using the sub/counterspindle, long parts can be supported by synchronizing the axes in a master/slave configuration. To avoid interferences, operations that are subject to risk can be performed virtually (in simulation) before going onto the machine.

Features and functions have been added to the Gantt chart, such as better readability of each operation and optimized graphic space for the creation of synchronizations, the company says.

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