CAM Software Offers Enhanced User Interface

Version 9 of PartMaker software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes is now available. The company says this new version includes a revamped and more productive user interface; improved capabilities for programming directly on solid models; and improved machine simulation for complex, multi-axis, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes. A number of other productivity enhancements are also included. The software is a knowledge-based machining system intended to boost programming efficiency by remembering the tools, material and process information necessary to machine individual part features. For example, it relieves users from reentering the same features information for subsequent parts and improves productivity by placing the emphasis on tool management functions. The software's Visual Programming Approach for programming multi-axis lathes with live tooling uses images to help the user describe tools, part features and machining data, which is said to make the software easier to use and quicker to learn.

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