CAM Software Upgrade

The latest release of SmartCAM, V13.5, features a variety of new organizational tools for job and process data. Among these is a regenerative toolpath elements enhancement for toolpath data organization. With this feature, the user can select a tool path, view and modify parameters used to create that tool path and update the tool path based on those modifications with a single command.


Using the software’s job library feature, users can capture and collect tooling, operation parameters and speeds and feeds from job files. This data can then be retrieved from the library for future jobs. Once the “master” job library is populated, users can insert stored data into a current job. All-new tools can be stored in the job library for future use.


In addition to these features, a core and cavity roughing automation panel and a spiral hole-making process are also available. The core and cavity panel us used for Z-level stock removal on a selected set of surfaces or solid. With this feature, users can experiment with various cutting parameters using a single roughing panel. The spiral hole-making process computes a continuous, smooth spiral tool path for straight or tapered through blind holes. It supports flat, bull and ball endmills, and the tool path includes compensation for the tool corner radius, specified finish allowance and start and end through-hole clearance.  

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