Cartridges Accommodate More Applicable Inserts

Cartridges Accommodate More Applicable Inserts

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Tungaloy offers new cartridges in its TungDrillBig line for machining large-diameter holes. The cartridges enable operators to use TungSix-Drill (TDS) inserts with TungDrillBig drill bodies, each featuring a set of inner and outer cartridges, with diameter ranges from 2" to 3 ¼". The drill bodies are designed to supply coolant directly to the cutting edge, and are said to improve chip evacuation, tool life, and surface finish. They are available in five variations, and setting plate diameters can be adjusted from 2" to 3 ¼".

The existing cartridges that use TungdrillTwisted (TDX) inserts can also be used to attach TDS inserts on TungDrillBig. The TDS cartridge uses a rigid, six-cornered WWMU-type insert for TungSix-Drill, while the TDX cartridge uses a four-cornered XPMT type insert for TungdrillTwisted. Users can choose between the two cartridges depending on the application, machine rigidity and material to be cut. 

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