CBN Products for Grinding

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The company is now offering two new CBN products for grinding hardened steel, aerospace alloys and some cast iron. The IBN 6000 is a microcrystalline product used for honing and home high-performance grinding applications for hardened alloy steels and aerospace alloys. The properties of the product are said to allow it to produce better finishes and grind without the high power necessary from some microcrystalline products. The IBN 40 is designed to be a strong, monocrystalline product used for most grinding applications. It has shown significant performance increases in both vitrified and electroplated grinding wheels. Specific cases have seen up to a 30% increase in life over standard monocrystalline products. Both product lines are readily available from 60/80 mesh through 325/400 mesh. They are also available with nickel and titanium coatings to assit in bond retnetion.

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