Chuck And Pallet System For Micro Machining

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The company offers its Fine Tooling System, which provides a high-precision chuck and pallet system in a compact design for micro machining applications.


The system consists of a chuck and pallet. The chuck, 23 mm, provides 400 N of clamping power. The precision pallet is manufactured out of one piece of steel to ensure accuracy, less than 0.002 mm repeatability. To lift the pallet from the chuck, 4 mm of clearance is needed.


The system is operated pneumatically. A central duct within the chuck allows for compressed air, vacuum or hydraulic lines to be led directly to the pallet, allowing for fixtures to be operated automatically. All of the components are made of stainless steel, and the seal of the chuck ensures that the clamping and positioning of the pallet remains clean and precise, according to the company.

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