Chuck Jaw Line Includes Hard And Soft Models

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A variety of hard and soft jaws are included in Carr Lane Mfg. Co.’s

line of chuck jaws. The company stocks hundreds of jaws in popular sizes

for more than 40 chuck brands. Hard jaws are available in two-step reversible and single-step reversible varieties, in sizes to fit many chucks.


These hardened steel jaws include diamond-point serrations for secure gripping. General-purpose soft jaws are constructed of steel in standard (offset) and pointed or reversible types, with aluminum as a material option. The jaws are available in many standard chuck sizes, in standard height or extra-high types. Steel soft jaws can be custom-machined to hold various parts; they can then be case hardened if desired.


Designed to prevent distortion and marring, pie-shaped soft jaws are offered. These full-grip jaws are said to provide increased surface contact on large-diameter or thin walled parts. Available in cast aluminum or cast iron, these jaws are also useful for fixturing non-cylindrical parts.




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