Chuck Useful For Hard Machining And Dry Cutting

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When machining cast parts, dust, chips and dirt can impair the function of the clamping device. To address this challenge, Hainbuch Welge Corporation has developed the TOPlus, which features a hexagonal core made of concrete polymer. This new clamping device is lighter than steel chucks and also has a lower mass inertia torque, which, according to the company, is advantageous during high acceleration.


As opposed to the conventional cone shape, the device has pyramid shape to promote that all surfaces fit tightly, leaving no gaps. Because of reduced surface pressure and the full-surface contact of the clamping segments, the clamping force is 25 percent higher than the company’s Spanntop chuck. In addition, the span range is considerably larger.


Potential advantages (as cited by the company) are vibration dampening because of the concrete polymer constructions; increased process reliability and low surface pressure, making the device suitable for continuous processing of large quantities; and precise centering.



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