Chuck With Five And Six Axes

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The company self-centering chucks for piece clamping can be used on machining centers with one or more pallets, transfer, drilling and milling machines and machines with multiple heads.

This machine allows you to finish pieces in just one time, which would usually be worked in two times with traditional chucks.

The chuck, with five or six axes, has the following features: It can be both single and modularly assembled, and in both vertical and horizontal positions; it can be integrated with the machine tool or interfaced with its own equipment; piece loading can be manual or automatic with the use of a robot; piece clamping is done hydraulically with the aid of two self-centering trucks; and the clamped piece can turn uninterrupted 360 degrees or position itself either clockwise or counterclockwise.

It has more than 22,000 Nm for piece clamping, and its piece driving torque is 500 Nm, while 8,000 Nm is the chuck driving torque. Also, the chuck's closing and opening time is 1 second, and it can rotate pieces 360 degrees in 2 seconds.

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