Chucks Operate in 2+2+2 Equalizing Mode

SMW Autoblok will introduce the SJL high precision 2+2+2 equalizing chucks to the North American market at IMTS 2012.

New Product From: 7/24/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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SMW Autoblok will introduce the SJL high precision 2+2+2 equalizing chucks to the North American market. These chucks can be switched from a 2+2+2 equalizing chuck for clamping raw materials to a six-jaw self-centering chuck for clamping round machined diameters.

In 2+2+2 equalizing mode, the chuck clamps parts with sets of two jaws equalizing as pairs. According to the company, this allows compensation for inaccuracies in the workpiece, as all six jaws are in contact with the workpiece. Since gripping forces are equally distributed across all six jaws, part deformation is minimized. 
By locking the 2+2+2 equalization via a central locking plate, an SJL chuck can also be used as a standard six-jaw self-centering chuck. In this mode, the chuck is suited for boring top jaws as well as clamping thin-walled workpieces that require equal wall thickness.
SJL chucks are fully sealed and oil-bath lubricated with volume compensation, preventing breathing of the seals during actuation. This creates constant gripping force during machining, and allows the chucks to be used on horizontal, vertical and pick-up machines.
The chucks are available in diameters ranging from 220 mm to 1,250 mm (8.66" to 49.21"), and can be used for Hi-Lo gripping. The company’s chucks feature a centrifugal force compensation mechanism to ensure consistent clamping force at higher machining speeds.


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