Clean Sumps With Drum Head-Wet/Dry Vacuum Combination

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The task of cleaning sludge and chips from a sump when changing the cutting fluid can be simplified by using the Vac-55 from Keller Products, Inc. The vacuum drum head converts a shop’s existing wet/dry vacuum into a sump cleaning device while protecting the vacuum from contamination by the sludge.


The drum head consists of a 10-lb plastic head for a 55-gallon drum, in addition to two vacuum hoses with quick-connect fittings. One vacuum hose connects to the existing wet/dry vacuum, and the other hose features 6' (length) of flexible tubing to connect to a 2' inlet wand. The user places the product onto the open head drum, which is used to dispose of the chips and sludge. It attaches the hose of the shop vacuum to the fitting provided and vacuums the wet sludge and chips from the sump into the disposal drum.


No manual shoveling, scraping or transferring sludge is necessary. Other uses for this combination include emptying grinder swarf from sumps into disposal drums and cleaning up floor spills directly into a disposal drum.



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