Client/Server-Based Visualization And Control Solution

GE Fanuc's Proficy HM/SCADA-CIMPLICITY 7.5 is said to offers diagnostic tools, security, and development tools, and connectivity and flexibility.

Enhancements include a digital graphical replay (DGR), enhanced screen navigation and application deployment.

The DGR allows users to go back in time and replay the application’s screens based on logged historical data. Events can be replayed in real-time, slow motion or fast-forward to analyze systems. DGR is said to be useful for unmanned operations.

The screen navigation bar allows developers to configure navigation using a drag-and-drop method. By dragging screens into a hierarchy, users can build a task bar menu with options to color code. Other attributes allow operators to locate screens quickly, making them more effective, the company says.

The application deployment system facilitates the time-consuming deployment of changes in large applications. This system allows development changes to be propagated automatically to all the viewers in the system helping to reduce the total cost of ownership. By configuring when and how the operator wants to deploy the changes, viewers will then detect changes, copy the necessary files and alert the operator that changes are coming. These changes can be deferred if needed or configured to force the change.

Other features include an advanced viewer, Windows domain security and historian integration enhancements.