CMMs Deliver High-Speed Performance

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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will be showcasing the Global EVO, part of the versatile Global coordinate measuring machine (CMM) family at IMTS 2016. This best-in-class machine is tailored specifically to offer process speed and efficiency to manufacturers requiring accurate tactile scanning and high throughput. The EVO will debut its new sizes at the IMTS trade show in Hexagon Booth #E- 5202.

Built on the reliable foundation of the highly-successful Global family, Global EVO features several new technologies to improve speed without compromising on performance. Central to the design is Compass, a vibration reduction technology which acts like a suspension system for the CMM. With Compass, the machine can effectively compensate for vibrations caused by its own movements, enabling higher-speed scanning with no loss of accuracy. Combined with the Scan Pilot firmware feature, which ensures robust and rapid measurements even when scanning complex unknown profiles, Compass gives GLOBAL EVO its outstanding scanning performance.

“Global EVO is all about saving time,” said Ryan Toole, Bridge CMM Product Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. “The technologies inside are designed for speed, offering exceptional scanning performance and throughput to reduce measurement time. The CMM also includes the new Eco Mode power-saving function to reduce the overall cost of operation. With Global EVO, we have produced a CMM that supports manufacturers in their drive to increase productivity while maintaining quality.”

Global EVO is also the first CMM to include Fly2 Mode, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s new trajectory-optimizing technology that generates the most efficient path between points. Fly2 Mode further optimizes probe movements, automatically calculating the most efficient route between measurement points and generates the trajectory minimizing non-value added motions. As a result, program execution times are considerably decreased, as well as reducing maintenance and downtime by minimizing system stress.

Visit the company's IMTS showroom for more information.

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