CNC For Mold And Die Applications

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Based on a Windows XP platform and using Pentium-based hardware, the high speed multi-channel 8070 CNC system is suited for the high performance required by mold and die applications, according to manufacturer Fagor. Designed for use with either digital servo systems or linear systems, the CNC uses high speed algorithms to improve cutting speeds, contours, surface finish and accuracy. To achieve these results, the CNC combines splines, including Akima splines and polynomial transitions, before using straight paths to adapt the programmed contour to a curve that passes through all programmed points. In addition, the tool path is analyzed with a 300 block look-ahead advance while applying post-interpolation and anti-resonance filters. The CNC can personalize as many as six different kinematics for five-axis machining. This allows control of spherical, orthogonal and angled spindles as well as tilting rotary tables. Also available is five-axis machining using Rotation Tool Center Point (RTCP). This is said to improve part finish by allowing the tool tip to follow the programmed path regardless of the length or orientation of the tool. The control coordinates the axes to maintain the position of the tool tip perpendicular to the tool path at all times.

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