CNC Grinding Machine For PCD, PCBN And Carbide Tools

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Distributed by Precision International Corp., the Coborn RG8 is equipped with a reciprocating wheelhead and six CNC axes for machining applications such as rotary tools. To grind rotary cutters, helical cutters and multi-toothed saw blades, further axes can be added. With the capacity to control as many as 16 axes, the control system can be expanded without necessitating major alterations, the company says.


Similar in appearance to the RG6, the wet grinding machine features Windows-based software that allows multitasking, thus enabling the operator to edit or write new programs while the machine is grinding.


Two mirrored hard drives for “fail-safe” program and software protection are included. The machine incorporates the VS4 in-process vision inspection system, which is said to be more accurate than the previous VS3 system.


Available for use in conjunction with the machine is a range of rotary modules, which can be fitted with adaptors including hydraulic, HSK and ISO types.


Precision International Corp. is the sole distributor of Coborn products in North America.


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