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The company has delivered the newest addition to its line of CNC lathes--the TF2000. According to the company, the lathe is built using heavy-duty boxway construction and can handle any type of turning, milling or center work. Equipped with the SEICOS-21L NC control, the company says the lathe is designed for operator convenience. It has been equipped with an array of functions that are said to be convenient, such as completely automatic tool nose radius compensation, tool-code coordinate setting, Q-setter and more. The Q-setter is a retracting tool measurement probe used for quickly setting tool offsets, thereby reducing setup time, the company says. The lathe uses an 8" chuck and has the ability to handle workpieces up to dia. 16.9" × 14.2" long. Options include a one-touch tailstock, milling capability, a parts catcher and a choice of a high speed or high torque spindle.

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