CNC Lathe Has Electric Turret For Multiple Operations

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Built by Millsite Engineering, the SmartLathez is equipped with precision ballscrews; a 10-hp spindle motor; 3 3/8" spindle bore supported at three points; a dual-handle manual pulse generator; and a quick-change tool post. The bedways are

induction-hardened and ground, and the slideways of the saddle and crosslide are line with Turcite-B.


Also included is the Centroid T400S control, which provides accuracy to 0.00001". The control can be networked, enabling users to connect to a LAN and

transfer files. A 15" color monitor and multi-directional sidearm mount is standard, as is conversational software programming. The six-position electric tool changer carries out multiple operations via the control.

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This machine can run for a long time without any operator intervention, and users can machine finished parts from slug stock or cast blanks while achieving the same high productivity as if they were machining from barstock, the company says.