CNC Lathe(2)

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Southwestern Industries, Inc. has designed the Trak TRL 1540V with the ProtoTrak VL CNC to the keep the machinist in control. For machining tapers and threading, the lathe can be used manually with CNC assist. It can also machine complete part programs with an optional tool indexer for light production jobs. Via a customized “Traking” feature, the operator can control the CNC run cycle by cranking the handwheel. 


As a member of the ProtoTrak family of controls, the VL CNC incorporates modern PC features such as networking, color graphics, spreadsheet programming editing and others. 


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Robot-Fed Multitasking Lathe with Conveyor

This machine can run for a long time without any operator intervention, and users can machine finished parts from slug stock or cast blanks while achieving the same high productivity as if they were machining from barstock, the company says.