CNC Lathes Feature Synchronous Spindle Technology

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The GMC 20 linear, GMC 35 linear and GMC 55 linear CNC multi-spindle auotomatic lathes are useful for machining parts with diameters ranging from 3 to 55 mm. According to manufacturer DMG America, the machines’ CNC controls and MF Programmer 3D programming systems make them useful for not only mass-produced, turned parts, but also for medium-sized batches. Rather than clocking the workpiece back to the starting position after the fifth operation, the spindle drum immediately rotates the workpiece into position one. The use of dynamic linear drives in the X axes of the fourth and fifth machining stations quickens the process and increases precision, the company says. In addition, the spindle drives, which incorporate synchronous technology, and provide high torque and output as well as rapid acceleration and braking rates, the company says. Each spindle is controlled separately, and the C axis of every spindle motor allows a spindle stop or random positioning of the spindle. The machines use the Siemens 840D powerline control, which is compatible with the Windows 2000 operating system. The company’s Programmer 3D turning software generates a 3D model after the geometry of the workpiece has been entered or loaded. Individual process stages can be programmed step-by-step with menu guidance by describing the job sequence. The software provides a 3D simulation of the working areas of the machine and allows users to view all tool heads simultaneously. If the individual process stages are not coordinated correctly, then users can transfer complete cycles to a different machining station.

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