CNC Machine For Turning, Drilling, Milling And Grinding

The company recently introduced the Hardpoint 300, a CNC machine that combines turning, drilling, milling and grinding. It is a modular concept machine and can be configured with up to four main spindles and a variety of tooling combinations, depending on user needs. Essentially, the machine can machine the front and rear faces of a single part; machine a single face on two parts simultaneously; machine the front and rear faces of two parts simultaneously; or machine a single face on four parts simultaneously. The company says its product represents a flexible and economic machine concept for high-quality, complete machining of small components. The number of axes is variable, with up to ten possible. The machine offers fully automatic, synchronous complete cutting of complex workpiece geometries, up to a diameter of approximately 3" × 3" (80 mm × 80 mm). The modular machine concept is said to ensure machining efficiency and flexibility. The various platforms provide the advantage of allowing several cutting processes to be combined, thereby eliminating the need to operate multiple machines. The company says this reduces floor space requirements, operation costs and machine investment. The machine also can incorporate an internal gantry loader to save floor space. External loaders are also available as is a post-process measuring system.

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