CNC Mills Designed For Ease Of Use

The Rhino 1250 toolroom machining center and the Rhino II CNC toolroom mill are ISO 9002-approved and include built-in features designed to assist the first-time user with quick set ups and machining parts immediately. Conversational,  “fill in the blanks” menus generate standard G code automatically on the shop floor and graphically check the program on a 15" color screen. The Centroid M-400 control includes canned cycles for bolt hole patterns; facing, rectangular, circular or irregular pockets with clean out cycles; repeat cycles for multiple parts; mirror; rotate; scaling; and internal and external thread milling and tapping cycles. Also included are 2D and 3D toolpath graphics that guide the user through part programming. Optional features include probing cycles, 3D digitizing, engraving, high-rpm spindles, tool changer and rotary tables for four- and five- axis applications.

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