CNC-Pressed, High-Feed Inserts for Toroid Cutters

Dapra’s HFDEH high-feed inserts are designed to fit toroid cutter bodies.

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Dapra’s HFDEH high-feed inserts are designed to fit toroid cutter bodies. As part of the Rhino-Carb line, the inserts are CNC-pressed, rather than ground, for thickness. This increases strength and enhances heat-absorption capabilities, the company says.
The inserts are designed for increased tool life in aggressive applications, including high metal removal rates at lighter cutting depths. Suited for stainless steels, high-temperature alloys and gummy materials, the inserts feature a strong, high-positive cutting edge that enables heavier chip loads and greater shock absorption. A positive top rake reduces cutting forces and torque. The inserts are available in DMK30, DMK25 and DMP25 toroid substrates.
Designed for diameters of 1.25" and larger, the inserts are suited for such demanding applications as mold cavity and core roughing; roughing of complex part contours; pocketing; helical interpolation; and the roughing portion of the face milling process.

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