CNC Simulators Reduce Training Costs

The NC Guide and NCGuidePro CNC simulators for GE Fanuc or Fanuc CNC simulation are designed to provide a realistic operation, part-programming and maintenance environment. According to developer GE Fanuc, this can reduce training costs because the simulation does not require a real CNC or machine tool. Both can simulate a range of CNC configurations, including lathes, machining centers and compound applications. Users can select and save multiple display and keyboard configurations to match each of their CNCs.


Using the virtual environment provided by these simulation tools, users can practice complex actions and develop custom Macro B subprograms without risk to human or machine tool assets. In addition, the tools allow the development of complex machine troubleshooting scenarios that are not feasible on real equipment by using the machine I/O signal simulation ladders and I/O operation panel.  

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