Coated Carbide End Mills

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The company offers a variety of products, including Z-Carb end mills; the S-Carb two-and three-flute end mills; and the V-Carb five-flute end mills. The Z-Carb family of end mills features an unequal helix geometry designed to maximize stock removal and improve productivity in milling operations. The S-Carb end mills are designed for machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials and are said to increase material removal rates and improve surface finish. The V-Carb five-flute end mills are designed for semi-finish and finish milling operations as well as heavy milling tasks, including roughing and slotting.   The company’s deburring rotary files will also be displayed. In addition to these products, the company will feature its multi-layer tool coatings. The Ti-Namite tool coatings are engineered for the company’s solid carbide rotary cutting tools.  According to the company, this multi-layering process results in maximized tool life and increased speed and feed rates. The line of tool coatings includes Ti-Namite titanium nitride (TiN); Ti-Namite-A aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN); Ti-Namite-B titanium diboride (TiB2); and Ti-Namite-C titanium carbonitride (TiCN).

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Already available for use with CoroMill 390, CoroMill 490 and CoroMill 495 shoulder and chamfer milling systems, this expansion of the application area makes the benefits of Zertivo technology, such as long tool life and secure machining, available to a wider user profile, the company says.