Cold Saw

The company says its model CT370A cold saw is a vertical column, circular sawing machine designed and built to provide stable saw frame guidance and stability for vibration-free sawing. The one-piece construction enables the machine to be transported and set up easily without any loss of alignment or accuracy for the life of the machine, the company says. The cold saw features an air-over-hydraulic system that is said to provide optimum sawing rates with minimum operator effort, an infinitely variable blade speed for flexibility to fine-tune the settings for virtually any material, an air vise supplying infinitely variable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of structural stock, mitering capability of 45 degrees right and 60 degrees left, a full electronic control/information system said to provide optimum operation, a full coolant system and a 4-hp motor. The saw accepts blades from 12 1/2" to 14 1/2" in diameter.

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