Collet For Fragile And Short-Run Applications

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The company's new Finger Collet is designed for fragile and short-run applications. Simply using your fingers can tighten the collet. This will prevent over-tightening of the collet, unlike using a manual lever-operated air or hydraulic actuator, which can distort parts.

These collets can be held in a chuck or collet fixture on a lathe or mill. By locating the 5/8" diameter shank and using the tapered knurled ring to tighten the 1/8" dowel pin (provided), the collets can be bored out to a maximum depth of 3/8" and machine up to a 1" diameter bore. The collet OD is 1.15" × 0.625" long, available in 12L14 steel and 6061-T6 aluminum.

Once the collet is machined to the desired bore diameter and the collet is not removed from its fixture, repeatability of 0.0005" to 0.001" can be obtained.

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