Collet System Generates Clamping Force

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Offered by Rego-Fix, the powRgrip collet system uses a toolholder and collet that can generate high clamping forces, which, according to the company, are equal to or higher than many shrink-fit holders. Weighing 165 lbs, the machine uses 110V AC and can fit onto a workbench.
Included are a holder, collet and mini-press that generates six tons of force. The system relies on the interference between the holder and the collet to generate its clamping force. Instead of using heat or hydraulics to expand the material, it uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate gripping force with run-out less than 0.0001". Interchangeable collets are available from 1/8" to 3/4", including metric sizes, and they will hold carbide and HSS tools.

According to the company, it requires less than 15 seconds to press in a tool or remove it from the holder. Because no heat is used, tools can be used immediately after a tool change.

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