Compact Grippers Mount, Operate In Virtually Any Orientation

New Product Announcements From: 11/28/2007 Modern Machine Shop

Developed for FDA, medical and cleanroom applications, De-Sta-Co’s RPMC parallel gripper features a compact design for gripping small parts in small spaces. Equipped with a cleanroom-grade lubricant for interior components, it is suited for internal or external gripping and can be mounted and operated in virtually any orientation. A top manifold eliminates the need for air fittings and allows close mounting of multiple grippers.


A corrosion-resistant shield made from materials that can increase performance in de-ionized water protects the internal drive and bearing mechanisms from contamination. In addition, the gripper’s body contains a purge/scavenge port to expel or retain contaminates with either vacuum or low-pressure compressed air.


By placing a pin wedge in each of the jaws, users can convert the gripper from vertical to horizontal synchronous motion. The product also includes preloaded “Dual-V” roller bearings to eliminate side play and provide part-position repeatability, low-friction rolling motion and high rigidity for fingers.


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