Compact Laser Tool Setter And Optical Probe

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Marposs offers its Mida Laser 75 Pico tool setter for gaging small tools and micro-milling machines. Likewise, the company’s Mida OP32 compact, optical probing system is suited for micro-milling machines, small machining centers and virtually all machines with a limited working area. The Laser 75 Pico system can be used to measure rotating tools while checking for wear and breakage on tools with diameters as small as 50 µ with 0.15-µ repeatability. The laser can also be used to set tool lengths and diameters and to compensate for thermal drift. Small tools that are frequently used in medical manufacturing applications, for example, can be accurately detected and measured without incurring damage or wear, the company says. In the OP32 system, the touch probe is integrated in the transmitter module while measuring data is transmitted to the CNC via a receiver and interface. The system, which measures 32 mm in diameter and 54 mm in length, features a wide transmission angle and can activate and deactivate across a full 360-degree range. The system is resistant to coolant and chips, and it it is reliable in extreme working conditions, the company says. Measuring software packages are available for use with the most common CNCs. The OP32 can be used to retrofit existing machines.

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