Consistent CAM Interface For Various Applications

New Product From: 4/26/2007 Modern Machine Shop
Open Mind Technologies’ hyperMill CAM software now includes a mill-turn module within the existing milling and drilling function set. This enables users to work in a consistent interface regardless of whether the application is for 2.5D, 3D or five-axis milling; 2D or 5× drilling; or mill-turn solutions. In addition, other utility modules such as stock-model management, tool database, toolpath simulation and postprocessors are consistent for all operation types. In addition to mill-turn, the company offers various solutions for multi-axis milling and drilling applications. These include a set of cutting strategies for cavity and surface cycles as well as tires, turbomachinery and cylinder-head machining applications. Feature technology can add intelligence to geometry in multi-axis drilling, while macro technology enables operators to use stored best practices. Connection paths between adjacent drilling cycles can be checked for potential interference to allow transitions closer to the workpiece and to reduce air time.
• 2-5 Axis Milling
• Mill/Turn and Multi-Task Machining
• Solid Modeling & High Speed Machining
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