Control Choices For VMCs

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Fadal offers two levels of controls on all three of its FX series VMCs. The VMC 2216FX, 3016FX and 4020FX can be equipped with either the Fadal MP CNC control, which is designed for job shops looking for simplicity, or the Fadal GE Fanuc 0i-MC digital control for increased performance and features.


According to the company, the Mp control’s simple menu requires minimum key strokes during operation, and its automatic routines for engraving, mill boring, probing, drilling, tapping and pocketing can reduce programming and setup time. The control can be configured for three-, four- and five-axis machining.


Featuring integrated digital drives and a 32-bit Pentium processor, the 0i-MC digital control is designed specifically for vertical machining. Equipped with intelligent acceleration that reduces non-cutting “air” time, the control can command fast rapid traverse rates. Among its more than 200 standard features are tool-life management and extended part-program editing. In addition, three-axis machining control capability can be enhanced with an optional fourth-axis rotary interface.