Controller And Drive Package In Compact Enclosure

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The Geo Brick LV is the latest addition to the company’s Geo Drive family of programmable servo amplifiers. Featuring an integrated Turbo PMAC2 controller, it includes as many as eight configurable, low-voltage amplifiers capable of running DC synchronous, AC servo and stepper technology.   According to the company, the PMAC2 controller within the unit is programmable for virtually any type of motion-control application. Features include S-curve acceleration and deceleration; cubic B-spline interpolation and optional multi-move look ahead for velocity and acceleration limiting. Amplifiers are rated continuous with 10A peak facility at 48 V.   An optional Macro interface complements the standard USB and Ethernet interfaces. Other options add inputs and digital I/O that can eliminate the need for a separate PLC to provide standard machine control functions. With a compact footprint, the controller is capable of cubic trajectory calculations and splines, and users can set and change parameters in real-time. Other features include a rotating buffer for large programs; linear and circular interpolation and operation from a PC via setup software or stand alone. The unit is equipped with an 80-MHz CPU.

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