Converter Boards With RS-422-A Differential Drivers

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Manufacturer Vega CNC offers the 2785 series of converter boards, which are equipped with RS-422-A differential drivers. A Quad B is the default configuration, with Z-channel index occurring once per transducer cycle. According to the company, the Model 2785500 resolver-to-digital-converter board provides both the durability of a resolver and the simplicity of an A-quad-B encoder interface. The product can be used with virtually any syncrho/resolver. The 2785502 converter board features hall-effect simulation for servo-drive retrofits that require hall effect for motor commutation. The 2785501 model converts inductosyn scale signal to an A-quad-B encoder interface style. Rewiring is not required because the board interfaces with existing wires. It excites the slider with a sine and cosine excitation and uses the phase-shifted, pre-amplified scale return to generate the A-quad-B signals.

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