Coolant Filter Reduces Pump Wear

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According to manufacturer Industrial Filters, the Roltray filter can prolong grinding wheel and coolant life while reducing pump wear and the need for sump cleaning. Useful for grinders, hones, milling machines and deburring machines, the filter is designed for ease of use and simplified installation on coolant tanks. When paper becomes loaded with sludge and liquid levels rise, the filter uses a serrated knife to tear it from the roll and expose a new, clean area. Available in six sizes, the 5" high filter sits on top of the machine tool tank and under the discharge outlet of the grinder. For flexibility, filter fabric is available in 10 grades ranging from 1 micron to 110 micron. Tanks, sludge boxes and pumps are also available.

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Filtration System Eliminates Fine Chips from Coolant Tanks

LNS’ cyclonic coolant filtration kit removes fine chips from fluid before it returns to a machine tool tank, protects the machine tool from potential damage, extends cutting tool life and improves product quality.