Coolant System For Cleaner Machining

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The ChilAire CO2 coolant system is suitable for a variety of machining operations and existing lubricants, and it is designed to improve performance in operations that are normally run dry. Applicable machining processes include drilling, turning, milling, grinding and progressive stamping. The coolant system may be integrated directly into new or existing machining equipment and processes. Standard features include a cleaning-coolant spray generator/controller; as many as four spray applicators with magnetic flex-mount; custom spray-through cutting tools; and an interface cable for automatic machine control (M-codes).   According to the company, the benefits of the system include high feed rates, long tool life, heat removal and better part finish. The system does not waste fluids and does not stain, and it is said to have less misting and smoking for cleaner machining. Portable options are available.

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