Copy Mills For Die And Mold Operations

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Valmill V500 copy mills, which are designed for contouring, peripheral cutting, slotting, drilling and cavity milling operations associated with the die and mold industry, are now available. The cutters come in eight end mill sizes, ranging in diameter from 0.500” to 1.5”; in lengths ranging from 4.07” to 7.44”; and in five face mill sizes ranging from 2” to 6” in diameter.

For roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations, the copy mills use either RDMT (top form chipbreaker style) or RDMW round inserts. The company says this produces a cutting action that thins the chip, allowing for higher feed rates with reduced chatter in virtually any direction. The round insert design also provides clearance, which is essential when milling deep pockets. The larger size round inserts are manufactured with a faceted pattern on the back of the insert that allows a controlled index to unworn areas on the insert.

Available in two coated grades, the inserts can be used for a range of workpiece materials, including carbon and alloy steels; tool and die steels; stainless steels; and high-temperature alloys.